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5 Stars with one Caveat

Please, in your next version, can you include a control which will allow the user to dampen down the mobile device's accelerometer's sensitivity. Panning and then stopping is just way too jumpy, bouncy and jittery. Try to make it like the app "Star Chart".

Exactly what I was looking for

UPDATE: I finished this wonderful course. Where do I sign up for the sophomore, junior and senior courses? I loved every minute. Thanks to all who created this app. (Original post:) I didn't have the opportunity to study astronomy in high school or college, and I've always loved planetariums, but we rarely get the chance to go to one. I've always wanted to know more about the night sky, and to have a better understanding of all those wonderful things up there. I'm doing one or more exercises every evening and learning a great deal. I'm repeating some of the exercises if I don't understand them completely. The animations are wonderful. The software is very thorough, so much so that I suspect there are features I'll never use. I'm getting a great deal of enjoyment out of this. My husband thinks this is hilarious, because we are in our 70s. Every night when he turns on the television, I say, "I'm going to learn more astronomy." It's much easier to learn with the visuals and animations, at least for me, then it would be by reading a book; however, I intend to get an astronomy textbook from the library when I'm done with the exercises, and use this app to learn even more.

Starry Night

I love it!! I had to purchase it for my astronomy course. It is very easy to use. It changes as the Earth moves through space so it is always accurate according to what you are observing. My astronomy course is long over, but I still return to this program to identify what I am seeing in the night sky. If you want to be in awe of the universe, look up, then pull this app out and identify all you are seeing.

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